3.21.2 Patch Notes (part 2 - restart)

You better let us test patches before applying them.
I got 3060 RTX 32GB of ram and NVM2 1tb, game is running as shit.
Revert this patch pls. Your game is unplayable now unless u have NASA pc.
M1 Mac Studio with 32 GB Ram.

Stuck in Login Error: There has been a patch that you need to update to. Please restart Path of Exile.

Downloaded patch 10 time and got the same error 10 times. Version 3.21.2 showing in lower right hand corner of start screen.

Uninstalled the program, re-downloaded all 32 GB of the installer. Opened program, same error.

When I went to bed, I had a working game, now I can't even log in.

This isn't even remotely acceptable.

Furthermore, why on Earth would you think it is a smart move to put a sour taste in to everyone's mouth a week before Exilecon?

In my opinion, breaking the game completely is worse than standing on stage and saying, "What, don't you have phones?"
Bug. Game Crashes when I open delve map and zoom out...
Game unplayable patch loop. Mac Pro - Steam release tags 3.21.2

I'll leave this here maybe someone from the dev team can make some connection with the issues that come up with latest patch and fix the problems.

Currently cpu usage is all over the place and therefore lag issues appear. Going from 120+ fps to 20 fps in seconds constantly. No matter using Vulkan engine, dx12 or dx11 is the same thing although in Vulkan is a tiny bit more stable. But no matter what settings i used the game is in an unplayable state, at least from my end.

So after i was messing up with some setting and windows teaks i've found that if you set the cpu affinity on windows to anything below 4 threads, it stabilizes the game and the fluctuations on cpu usage disappear. Although the game after this has terrible performance it still is more stable and somewhat playable.
Anything above 4 threads its just completely broken.

I'm not an expert or anything like that just reporting something i've found while i was messing up and tweaking stuff.

I hope this helps somehow to fix the issues.
i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30GHz, 1660ti super, 32gb ram, win10

Before i can play only on DX12, but now fps down in fights from 20-30 to 5-10, its unplayable.

I tried settings all settings in this game. No changes with settings graphics. But on DX11 and vulcan was many fps drops, and Vsync doesnt help. Now fps drops on DX12 too. Graphip Fps like snake, up and down. And now sometimes CPU loaded 100%, but if it not load, fps about 20 in fights, it doesnt much matter. (gpu loaded up to 50%).

In many actual games i play on medium or high settings, but this game 10 years old, and i cant play it.

I hope u will find resolution with optimization. Good luck.
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Seems quite worse on my end currently.

3080/5900X here.

Hope everything gets ironed out, good luck guys.

Edit: By worse I mean I am getting lower frames, especially in the hideout than I was before. My graphics card is running pretty loud compared to how it used to sound. Seems to take a long time to load into zones, but maybe that was because of a cache cleanup?
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No issues found on the 3080ti with a ryzen 9 5950x, works pretty much the same
New patch makes load screens take 60+ seconds for me. Used to be 4-5 seconds.
Why is it everytime they make "improvements" the game's performance gets worse?
Love the patch balanced my fps so now it's not jumping around as much and also made it higher.

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