3.21.2 Patch Notes (part 2 - restart)

well this mean i need a new pc to play after this patch ?
nicely done ggg
Mostly unplayable after the patch. Takes way longer to load into a map, tons of lag. Can't find any settings that work with the new update. Not buying a new computer, so if this patch is the performance to expect from POE2, guess this will be the end of things for me.
do i need to buy a new pc or will this be fixed?
Good way to hype people for poe2, brick all the potato gamers with pcs from 2013 (when the game launched). Also good luck. Also, also also, people with big ass rigs got bricked too.
Levshin wrote:
i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30GHz, 1660ti super, 32gb ram, win10

Before i can play only on DX12, but now fps down in fights from 20-30 to 5-10, its unplayable.

I tried settings all settings in this game. No changes with settings graphics. But on DX11 and vulcan was many fps drops, and Vsync doesnt help. Now fps drops on DX12 too. Graphip Fps like snake, up and down. And now sometimes CPU loaded 100%, but if it not load, fps about 20 in fights, it doesnt much matter. (gpu loaded up to 50%).

In many actual games i play on medium or high settings, but this game 10 years old, and i cant play it.

I hope u will find resolution with optimization. Good luck.

I upd post. Multithreading doesnt work, i have 10 fps with it and without it, but frame drops less without multi better, but 10 fps to 5 fps since unplayable. And Multithreading before patch works with only DX12, but now, in all mods graphics i have fps like snake and freezes. I off multithreading and have same fps without freezes.
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Guys when you do something like this, you do it on separate instance, not on the main server.

When I try to use DX12 now I get so many screen artifacts that it's impossible to play.
Switching to vulkan makes the game stuck on loading screens, or load for few mins.
Where the last hope is dx11 for now.
Who was the genius who wanted to add this?
MAC PRO M2 16GB, SSD 1TB - Game doesn't work after "update" as people mention before.
Each run it say's that i need to install update.
I'd rather play d2 with old graphics instead.
There's something happening with the shader cache, when the game is stuttering, the shader graph is off the charts, once it's done with and it goes down to normal activity the game runs normally as before the patch - until something new appears and the shader begins activity again and it begins to stutter.
Here is an update from what I see.

Seems whole global chat has this problem now too.

In my hideout hidden cliff or so it's called. I have no problems when I stand near the sea, but as soon as I get close to teleporter and workbenches game goes MAD.

CPU latency goes to 600-700 where GPU drops to 10.
Task manager shows max 60-70% of cpu being used no matter where I stand.
For some reason used up RAM is max 1,6GB now.
Scale for shader and drive stopped working.

All of this on dx11 mode.
Maybe put it back on dx9 or something?

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