3.21.2 Patch Notes (restartless)

lindre002 wrote:
Step ??: Annul particle effects
Step ?? + 1: Slam Exalt and pray
Step ?? + 2: Apply triple buffering catalyst

+1 Toucan
Nice! Now POE1 is a reskin of POE2 confirmed.
POE is a constantly evolving game, so expect balance changes, buffs and nerfs STILL!
This was totally unexpected, wow.
I am using Ventura 13.4, M1 chip, M1 max 32 GB, very laggy after update
Thx for patch! My linux gaming in PoE was broken, any versions of Proton not work.
Novynn wrote:
lagrino wrote:
My client satrted the update, but can't end it. Showing this error:

"Erro: Failed writing received data to disk/application enquanto baixando https://patch.poecdn.com/"

Any help?
Can you try to close Discord and then run the patcher again?

I launched my game from the GoG launcher and get the same error while it was downloading and installing the patch.

To make sure discord is closed, you need to not only close the window, but go to the systray and quit discord. Dunno how or why that matters, but doing that allowed it to finish.
2019 chris said that the poe 2 code would be written from 0, since the poe 1 code was a "ragdoll" (his words), i´ve noticing these changes on poe 1 and was wondering, are you trying to fix the code? i know that poe 2 its a update like 4.0, im hoping that you guys are just using the actual client as a test tool and we get a clean code for poe 2
Games mega laggy after patch... RIP
why launcher update patch so slow its only 50mb but im download it like 30min now and still 10%
Being Exiled its mean we back to our true nature
Window starts for a second then it quits.

2023/07/24 05:50:04 95925925 3cd2cae7 [INFO Client 332] [VULKAN] Init SwapChain = 2560x1371
2023/07/24 05:50:04 95925927 957f12c3 [CRIT Client 332] [VULKAN] unsupported backbuffer image count

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