ExileCon 2023 Merchandise

Best merch ive ever seen! Wish I was rich so I could fly across the pond.
the path of least resistance makes crooked both rivers and men -
there was a brief glimse of a giant mouse mat with POE.

I would definitely buy that if there was a way to get it! :)

I really need that ranger desk pad, lemme buy one please!
I would love to see an online merch store!
I really love the mouse pad and the socks. I hope there will be a possibility to buy some online
Assuming the merch sold out as it should. It'd be awesome if you guys could eventually work with an outside merchant again to sell your merch aside supporter packs sometime again in the near future. Love the shirt/sweater but would like more/variety of items too. I'd rather buy stuff that directly supports you guys and the game then look around the internet for something similar.

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