At ExileCon, attendees will have exclusive first access to a variety of new Path of Exile merchandise. Today we'd like to give you a glimpse of the goodies that are available.

Our new merchandise includes 17 new t-shirts, a selection of hoodies, 24 enamel pins, posters, the incredibly popular Celestial Cat Socks as well as the new Chaos Orb Socks and a range of desk pads.

Edit: There will also be a limited supply of ExileCon 2019 Merchandise available.

For now, the only way to purchase this merchandise is to attend ExileCon this weekend. If there is any leftover stock, we will investigate ways to make it available to the wider community.

Please note that we won't be accepting cash at the ExileCon Merchandise Store, only credit cards, debit cards and New Zealand EFTPOS cards.
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Grinding Gear Games
That white shirt is great. Love it.

Edit: First!
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I love it!! I hope that at Gamescom, you can also bring some of this.
Good stuff, exile!
Spanish Content Creator /
Seeing the exalt pad led me to think, any chance of reworking the looks of divine orbs?

Love the cat socks btw
That evolution Path of Exile shirt is amazing! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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I'd love to be able to buy the cat socks, they are so good
The "evolution" T-shirt looks dope!!!
Yo, very neat!
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Iron Heart/Iron Fortress too!
That white shirt is amazing and I really hope that there will be another way to get one

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