ExileCon 2023 Merchandise

009Status wrote:
volkhin wrote:
Still waiting for a t-shirt ordered 7 months ago as part of core supporter pack...

I finally got my T-shirt and hoodie + tarot cards last week and I think I ordered around your time frame; perhaps maybe a month or so earlier.

They did email me around 3 weeks ago to let me know it's been shipped but I'm not sure if that's automatic or because I emailed a few months ago to inquire about status. Maybe it was an option selected in my acnt settings when I confirmed order earlier?

Oh, that’s good to hear, thanks for letting me know! Fingers crossed, hopefully others will be shipped soon!
Hope you guys have something big planned.
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I hope there will be leftovers. Last time I got the surprise packet sent and it was so so great. Will try to get one this time as well, if there ll be the possibility
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I would TOTALLY be interested in a Kickstarter for a second run of those shirts. I'd buy one of the white ones in a heartbeat, and then ponder a red one for an add on.

Sadly, I have to keep a pharmacy running and I'm saving up to replace my car. No intercontinental trip for me...
I need both of these socks! Fingers crossed for leftovers at Gamescom...
When GGG will have normal merch shop? We would like to buy them, but nothing.. with jinx closed eshop, we have nothing..
Is there a chance that we'll be able to see all t-shirts and sizes available? I'm unable to attend exilecon myself but my friend's going and he promised to get me whatever I want
For now, the only way to purchase this merchandise is to attend ExileCon this weekend.

Too bad, certain that your fans around the world would have liked to be able to order some, without having to attend the event.
Have a good day :)
Damn, I want those cat socks...
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