ExileCon 2023 Schedule and Information for Attendees

jerot wrote:
Ooh, the dinner is at the Wildfire again? Loved the last one, wasn't sure initially because I was going alone. My friend couldn't afford a VIP pass so I contemplated skipping the dinner, so glad I went. Super easy to talk to people when you're all fans of the game, really cool meeting so many familiar faces from the community/streams.

Sad I couldn't make it this year, but I hope everyone going has a wonderful time!

Maybe if you didnt buy 1 supporter pack you could of hooked your friend up daddy ;)
azamantes wrote:
Apply for an NZeTA before travelling!

Damn...all those conditions....and those are only if you are a tourist.

NZ is not very friendly to foreigners, immigrants is it ?

I can only imagine that visa conditions must be even more strict....

It took me less than ten minutes to fill out and was approved within hours. It was the easiest travel authorization process I’ve done. Would still be foolish to do it last minute though.
We want Path of Exile 3 spoilers!
Really wish I could go.

But still hyped for next week !!!
Bad Seed
I am excited for folks that are able to afford to go! Sadly my CANADIAN DOLLAR is utter shite and not able to be saved haha xD

I am REALLY hoping i can make the PAX Seattle event though since you guys are going to be there
Good luck with Exilecon! HYPE is real!
Here comes the HYPE train.
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fix saboteur pls

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