ExileCon 2023 Schedule and Information for Attendees

yep nice
Have fun everyone!
The Discord invite link has a very unfortunate substring...
First Aid
A first aid room is located on the bottom floor of Aotea Centre, and venue staff are trained in first aid. If you require first aid during ExileCon, please let venue staff know.

It would also be good to say 'If you see someone that is in need of first aid, please let the venue staff know.' as often those in need of it are NOT going to be able to.

Edit: Hope everything goes off without a hitch! Best to all devs, Exiles going and watchin.
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gg noobs
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7 days left
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Apply for an NZeTA before travelling!

Damn...all those conditions....and those are only if you are a tourist.

NZ is not very friendly to foreigners, immigrants is it ?

I can only imagine that visa conditions must be even more strict....
That looks like an absolutely awesome schedule again!

I really enjoyed the first one on location, it's a great memory I'll probably cherish for the rest of my life. VIP Dinner was absolutely amazing, and it is great to mingle with devs and just chat about random stuff. Aotea Center is a great location.

For this one I'm flipping my day/night schedule to stream live from home. I'm happy all the purple marked things are streamed live, and there's a replay the next day for the three streams that are not streamed live due to conflicts. Very considerate!
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Best of luck to GGG staff and to everyone. Hope everyone enjoys their time there!
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