Our Crucible Fan Art Competition is still going and we've had some amazing entries so far! Check out some of our community's great submissions below!

Titan Forgemaster by Zikah

"It's fine, just a little more" by Sabacu

Crucible Statue by generalnoodles

Ancestral Vision by Thesnakepit


The Forge of the Titans by Karnivorous

Pixel Forge by Oxy_Slayer

There's still plenty of time to show off your talent in this competition! If you'd like to submit an entry, you can do so by posting in this thread.
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Looking nice!
so awesome! thanks for including the video, love it
Damn nice work.

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I love the pixel one most!
Very nice!
very nice
Karnivorous' The Forge of the Titans is just amazing. I love it! I wonder if he's going to make it into a wallpaper version.

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