Are poe ninja build guides false ?

neohongkong wrote:
poe ninja turn on all aura gem even meaning the mana reservation is 200 or 300% of the mana

It always a joke that those lv100 player trolling other people

here answer
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Vennto wrote:
Xyel wrote:
The trick to using PoENinja to find builds is to set the time filter to early days of the league, up to the end of week one - people troll on, but not early when they rush throuhg the build-up, so the characters are legit.

Also, builds that require an endgame item or two to work aren't a thing in the first week, and 5-ways leveling isn't all that accessible in the first few days either, so whatever build you find on the day 3 ladder is with a very high probability legit, and farmed itself from 0 to that point.

I would like to disagree on this, as does not account for group play, aura-bots or even the content the build runs. For example: Heisting is still one of the stronger farming methods with a very certain set of requirements in terms of gear, defenses and offenses. A char that is surviving in Heist can easily get wrecked when Mapping, especially when taking Altars into consideration. Going even further: Take some blaster who leveled in group and on 90 respecced in some Ele Hit Raider to just farm Essences on T1 Map to print currency. While this is a perfectly viable strategy it sais nothing about that chars performance in higher-tier maps. So I really would go with a suggestion already made in this thread, that is going with SSF or even HC-SSF-Ladders, at least until you have the experience to see through the bullshit.

These are rather edge cases though, so the odds of landing on a build for this are small. Though not negligible, to be fair.

The thing with SSF is that it's great for finding the truly top meta builds, and not much else, because builds based on specific uniques are mostly unavailable in SSF. That makes it great for 'I want the top meta build' and not very useful for 'I'm looking for something fun to try'
The top meta builds require specific uniques though? RF needs legacy of fury, CoC needs Cospri and Shavs, IceShot/Trap want Heatshiver, most Bow builds want omni etc.
Top SSF meta builds maybe but looking at HC or SSF ladders when you want builds for SC trade sounds even more problematic than trying to find the few builds that are actually playable between all the nonsense.

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