Got my 1st divine altar ever.

3.6% chance to drop, got it about 1/3 of the way through the map, found 1 div drop by the end...

Someone care to explain to me how this is preferable to loot goblins? In 3.19 i was running a gold flask and 1 ventors and got like 2 div per goblin on average. Altars are worse in every single way. You cant juice for them. You cant influence their drops with reliquary scarabs or league content. You cant do anything but hope you actually find one and that it doesnt screw you over with bad rng or appearing once everything is dead.
Last bumped on May 21, 2023, 11:29:48 PM
I have had some darn good luck with Logbooks/Heist and Blight this league.
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when i see streamers get them they always get 5+ divine orbs from it. have these altars been nerfed now?
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got mine yesterday 29 divines.
I started the hoho movement.
My last alter was 14 Divines.
^man, i dont even get that much chaos orb when i find a chaos altar
you juice for alters with pack size , 4 scarabs that put in extra goobers , and 4 rando sextants that give pack size.

it wasnt that hard to figure out .
i'd also like to say, use the extra downside atlas passive. much better % chance
Just run exarch influenced maps and sell the sextants for divines. At least you don't need to wait other 500 maps until you get the next rewarding altar.
I will take my slow and steady chaos/sextant drops from exarch altars thanks. Eater altars too much like waiting to win the lottery.
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