3.21.0c Hotfix 2

How about the bug that there are now 10 Souleaters in every slightly juiced T16 map?
Or the bug that all monsters feel 30% tankier than last league and do 30% more damage?
Or the bug that Crucible Rares (not Uniques!) sometimes have more HP than shaper?
Or the bug that magic mobs have more HP than map bosses?

What about these bugs?

Also why are the majority (more than half) of rares suddenly resistant to fire?
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Treme2 wrote:
Let's see what time this deployed. It's still patching on GeforceNow cloud services all EU options.

Tried one month of GeforceNow for Poe , regreting my decision 2 days later :(
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Could we at very least know if Twisters is being looked into or not? Im still playing it praying it gets fixed. Just want to know if im wasting my time. Build feels awful now.
Oxygene_PoE wrote:
Did Rog Crafting change with this small patch this morning? He acts unusual.

I did not play, but what are your findings?
I am really done with this ********.
Forcing peoples to make the meta builds by nerfing to the core their current is a plain absurd.

Game idea : 10
Game ideology : 10
RPG element : 5
Character scripting : 3
Builds diversity : 10
Game mechanics : 10
Players trust : -100

Nothing can cover the player trust if you lost it.
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Is this league getting fixed?
This is so horrible and boring, what's the point of leagues like this? just say you have nothing and do flash back leagues instead.
I would have rather play old leagues over again than this.
Why are uniques loked behind geodes?

This just hurst low end uniques, I'm not gonna waste hundred of chance orbs and scoureres to get a tree on a unique that is meh when I can do it on a good unique instead.

extremly bad league GGG
Did you fix the european servers yet?

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