3.21.0c Hotfix 2

3.21.0c Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug where Caustic Arrow was not spreading Caustic Ground or dealing chaos damage in an area on impact when it pierced enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where increases and reductions to Shrapnel and Siege Ballista Attack Speed were applying twice.
  • Fixed a bug where completing Logbooks with at least 10 Remnants active would only grant credit towards the Expedition Excavation Challenge if the Logbook had an area level of 81 or higher.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not click and drag items into the Forge of the Titans or the Antique Furnace.
  • Fixed a bug where the client could freeze when interacting with the Forge of the Titans or the Antique Furnace in Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed an instance crash.

You will need to restart your client to receive the client changes in this patch.
Last bumped on Apr 18, 2023, 4:20:53 PM

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