3.21.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

Metzlii wrote:
My favorite part of every league is all the people playing custom builds or off-meta skills complaining how OP the league mechanic is.

This coming from a guy which joined just 2 years ago sounds a bit laughful.
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If Your characters tab is set to private - Your arguments is already invalid!
Here are some thoughts how should this cruicible work:

1. Cruicible Pillar should be clickable(Not shown overhead with options)
2. After click on it there will be empty window where u put the item which u want charge
3. After put the item of ur choice a little bar which can be adjutable with the mouse click
Soo... You gonna fix the servers? Are You gonna add loot to crucible encounters? Are we the side project now?
Pumped up mobs which shoot some weird light alike stuff, leeching ES from a screen distance ?!
I was really hyped to return to the game, yet, this is a plain absurd.
Thanks but no thanks.
This league mechanic is non-existent at the moment due to lack of rewards or reason to do it once your weapon has a tree. Not sure why it was limited to just weapons/shields but whatever.

The core gameplay in a fresh league is what the majority of us are getting, it's pretty much not even a league at the moment. It won't last.

Save the league by adding rewards to the encounter, and let us slot items to 'bake' like how Scourge had.
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When are we going to make this league fun?

Here's the issues;
-The mechanic is clunky to channel
-I can't use the league mechanic for alts that use uniques
-Characters using uniques (such as Arakaali's) don't interact with the league
-Spell wands provide almost-nothing with the crucible

Ultimately, this feels like I'm playing standard, except I'm perpetually poor.
can we just get loot drop at normal levels? it feels like NOTHING is dropping, not just from the crucible mobs. i cant build a build because i cant find any gear or currency to make gear, or to buy gear.

as for crucible itself, its just another breach/strongbox/ritual with less rewards and harder mobs. i mean really, just how many times are they going to use the exact same 'stand in a spot and mobs will spawn' gimmick? i LOVE the passive trees on the weapons thing, it opens up a lot of cool options. but the mechanic for getting them was played out LAST league. also what's the deal with gimping uniques? most uniques arent even worth running against normal rare's, let alone a rare with a passive.
Great update GGG! Love crucible so far, hope this makes it way into core in some form :)

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