3.21.0 Hotfix 8

This forum is so negative, even hotfixing stuff is bad for some reason.
Get a grip
Jamhax wrote:
This forum is so negative, even hotfixing stuff is bad for some reason.
Get a grip

F for Nick.
Eat your vegetables.
Join public party, link everyone, spam doedre's elixir, fun!

All the tests were green!

Kieren_GGG wrote:
Temporarily disabled the "Flasks you Use apply to Linked Targets" modifier on the Ceinture of Benevolence Unique Belt.

Why? everything worked perfectly OMEGALUL
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F for imexile, the big name sacrifice needed for this hotfix, because anyone unknown and GGG would not even notice or care.
just a scrub.
Honestly it'd be messed up if something happened to the guy that did this.

The only person that should suffer any consequences is the guy that tested the belt and marked it as ready for release.
Now hotfix those damn latency spikes.
For anyone saying they should revive him. Just Stop.

First of all:
"Please note that dead Hardcore characters cannot be restored for any reason (including game bugs or internet lag)."

Secondly reviving streamers chars is a pandoras box you don't want to open.

Just accept they missed gameplay interactions with a unique they introduced and move on. Isn't the first time and won't be the last.
Skulioner wrote:
8 Hotfixes in 2 days you always test your stuff before release right?

6 extra weeks to work on 3.21
8 hotfixes in less than 2 days of league, diablo IV comes closer and theyre working even less.
Diablo 2 > Diablo 1 > Diablo 4 > Diablo > Torchlight > Titan Quest > Grim Dawn > Diablo Immortal > Path of Exile 2 > Path of Exile.
You cant vendor recipe on base with crucible tree unlocked. GGG could you look into this from the Hot Fix 3 it seems like one should be able to use the +1 fire vendor craft on a weapon without modifying the tree.

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