New and Changed Gems in Path of Exile: Crucible

I really hope that Prismatic support ends up being good. Need to see the area coverage though
Le Toucan Will Return
Prismatic supports actually looks interesting for caster levelers.
For momentum support if I use skill 2 times and move I get %30ms right ? I dont have to get full stack to get the buff?
Momentum Dead Before Arrival 2 seconds of movement speed at level 20 with 20 Quality
all you have to do is stand still for 3-5 seconds hahahaha
Berserker general´s cry login? :D
You missed the part where it gives you an average of 50% increased attack speed while standing still.
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Is the melee splash buffs actually intended to only be 1%? I swore it was a higher increase than 1%.
Vaal rejuvie is nice for dmg reduction

vaal firestorm seems like it will hit hard but, its not enough to make you wanna play the skill. Firestorm needed a reduction in cast time.

snipe.. lol

Animate Weapon is stupid needing to animate weapons.. witches dont need to animate corpse for skeletons. Herald of agony doesnt require scorpies.. its just a terrible restriction on the build for what? Immersion that no one cares about.. then forcing you to STILL need weapons for the vaal version is down right lame as hell.

pconc.. rip

blight.. lol

melee splash.. lol

lightning tendrils might be fun on a cast while channeling build, maybe

GGG makes some good skills, then dumpsters them in the same release. I dont know who oversees the final word on gems but they need to be fired.

Vaal Dom Blow damage isnt enough to make a bunch of people play it.
Vaal Firestorm is nice but the gem itself needed a faster cast rate. still bad
Vaal rejuvie is for uber ubers maybe if ppl can slot it in. niche
Vaal LA/IS the damage is not going to be enough difference maker for ST. bait

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You did Snipe dirty.. RIP that build idea
760% effectiveness of added damage lol

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