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[3.21] Herald of agony jugg, immortal, 2.5M dps, my Crucible starter, cheap

This looks pretty cool. Did you buy the Helm or is it an easy craft?
Easy craft, pristine bound fossil on a 86 level base with enchant. I got it in 3 tries, im still sitting on 10 fossils each... You just need the +2 most of all.

Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 19, 2023, 7:31:10 AM
Just finished making the full swap to this as my endgame build. Probably cost about 9 div total so far in Crucible. I did happen to loot an Aul's with purity of ele on it, so Im running that instead of Hatred. Its one of the best delve builds Ive ran for farming. Tanky as shit, and consistent damage. Highly recommend this build. - My Version of this build. Time to start scaling damage but Im easily farming at depth 350, chillin.
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Very good adjustment for not having eldritch battery on the dagger.

With the spell suppression is lucky mastery you get free 11 spell supp and you almost cap, then you need only 30 more dex and you have 100%.

As you say, for dmg...

You lack 1M dps because you overcap the +levels of gems on HOA. After a certain treshold you get like 7% increased damage per extra level (this is because HOA was specifically nerfed). To fix it, you need to drop empower and get +1 gem on helmet and use awakenen added fire (that gives +1) and awakened minion dmg (+1), basically you get a free empower 3 that way. Predator is also more dmg. Also consider just level 21 HOA isntead of divergent.
If you know already, maybe others don't so i wanted to type it.

Happy you like it :) it makes me proud.

Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 20, 2023, 8:58:31 PM
Thanks for the heads up, im still pretty new, just my 2nd season, I did make some changes already but I also just calc'd those gem changes and will post ya an update soon. Thanks bro!
Ok, having a blast leveling this build. Got to 76, did my uber lab, now im insta dying to the self poisons. I had no issue with that until i finished my uber lab. I changed no gear. Trying to figure out what i missed.
Got the very same issue with self-poisoning. After one of Kirac's mission, every new battle starts with very-fast dying until I hit enduring cry, then the crawler digs out and everything is like before, life leech do its job until the next fight. Still can't understand what went wrong.
OP said that it is needed to keep Chance to poison at least at 5 lvl, and I did so.
Any idea?
OMG, I solved the issue.
I was stupid enough to put "Trigger commandment of blades on hit" on the gloves after completing the Labyrinth.

Fires a chaining burst of ethereal blades.
Deals 1833 to 2903 Physical Damage
Chains +4 Times
Trigger this Spell when you Hit
Fires 2 additional Projectiles
You cannot Cast this Spell directly
Damage cannot be Reflected

I'm not completely sure about the mechanics, but switching to another pair of gloves fixed that.
snolaz How did you do with the spiders? does it have more damage right? is it able to do all the contents or does it need more damage?
Last edited by dragunia on Aug 10, 2023, 3:47:38 PM
POB here:

It did have around 10 mil dps, it was enough for everything but somehow felt like much lower dps while mapping, maybe like a 3 mil dps build.

The problem is that you rarely have all 20 spiders on the target. If you have only 6, lets say, the damage output is only 3 mil dps, and that is ramping poison dps, so not really "true" dps.
That build has no space for explosions because the gloves are mandatory so you can't play asenath (now i get why most people play occultist...)

The build is immortal to basically everything, you just die to the memory game and to that mob that stop flask from working, so you have to always keep an eye on that with this setup.

Overall, the build was way too tanky, you can sacrifice some of that tankyness for extra damage or quality of like. Now that i see the pob again i would go for the annointed flesh node and 50% ignite avoidance on a ring, that would allow to drop the CB jewel too. Also this build would love a well crafted cluster jewel, the damage potential is there, it's also low level.

Definitely the build had alot room for improvement and 10 mil dps is only the starting point...

Maybe the problems of the build get fixed just by investing in a cluster jewel, so explode is not mandatory, but...

My honest suggestion is: just go for occultist. Cut Malevolence for tempest shield, maybe get impresence despair, maybe just blasphemy or even self cast curse... probably get eldritch battery too.
Like that you have same (or more) dps for endgame but you gain the quality of life while mapping, and you sacrifice some of that tankyness that honestly is too much.

Btw i theorycrafted a clean way to scale Dancing Dervish to 5 mil dps (without dot ramp or impale or armor shred) on a champ that still remains decently tanky. I'm very excited about it because in the past i could reach only 2mil dps on a difefrent setup. That will definitely be my next league starter and i will make a guide about it soon.

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