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[3.21] Herald of agony jugg, immortal, 2.5M dps, my Crucible starter, cheap

Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 15, 2023, 5:04:49 PM
I have 1 question, you can keep up flasks against bosses all the time?... and what pantheon you going?...
Last edited by Vyr75 on Apr 16, 2023, 2:07:35 AM
Yes, as you can see from POB, flask uptime is 100% vs bosses with 3 flask. You can safely map with 4 flasks because they last like 50 seconds without killing but they last forever if you kill enemies in that period, so for mapping you can include the quicksilver or an extra granite.

Pantheon (i said it in the last post) Freeze immunity and reduced shock, with 2 jewels for ignite immunity. For cb i have a jewel, and for bleed and poison i use enduring cry mastery.

The build is a little bit squishy vs ground dots, kikazaru will help i feel.


I still have 100% flask uptime with 3 flasks.

Wurm's molt is The BEST in slot for the build

My current gear:

Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 16, 2023, 4:57:11 PM
I will try this as my second build, thanks :)
What is the best atlas mechanics for this build to do in maps? Or can it do everything and I can just take what I like?
You can do everything and run every map mod apart from cannot regen / recover.

Btw the build is finished. It still lacks 40% dmg from +2 awakened gems that are not levelled yet, and to be fair now dps is on the low side for Maven. Everything else dies in a couple of seconds. The build is immortal, i died like twice to super juced expeditions i wanted to limit test, but you can tank everything else. Even ground degens are not a problem mapping because you just out regen them most of the time.

Final build: I'm not making more changes and i consider it done. I dropped omni and i want to swap build.

Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 17, 2023, 11:55:46 PM
Hey, i currently have your build (the first version) on my main char, i liked your last changes but have a question, how do you have mana to use snipers mark and cast the others 3 curses without the Eldritch Battery point and just 6 mana available?
this is my bin if needed:
Last edited by yuriOrc on Apr 17, 2023, 1:43:54 PM
Got it, Eldritch Battery on crucible passive! Very hard to find it haha
Yep eldritch battery saves alot of points. While levelling i travelled all the way there, taking also the extra curse that i later annointed.

Btw im so dumb. We can go unstoppable instead of unrelenting and drop the brine king panth for arakali. 10 time better that way. I'll update pobs now.

Not all passives just arakali and Qeen of the great tangle
Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 17, 2023, 3:00:56 PM
So, i just want to drop the bomb. Since i traded omni for the squire (i couln't think of a build good enough, maybe i had something with frostblades but defenses were sketchy) I POBed this monstrosity.

Even tankier then this build, sitting at 219 000 Ehp.

14M spiders dps.

LMAO i can't wait. Probably i can get even more support on arakali's fang with crucible.

Last edited by Snolaz on Apr 18, 2023, 1:14:46 AM

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