The 3.21 Expansion Name Reveal is Tomorrow!

Unless the new name is "Path of Exile 2" I'll be taking a break for D4
Plzzzzz. No big nerf
so... where is the name reveal?
D4 doesn't come out until June lol.
To me scourge and sactum were the best leagues.
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AngryC00kieZ wrote:
Twitch right now:

Last Epoch - a beta game developed by a couple of people - 5100 viewers
Path of Exile - a 12 year old game with a lot of content - 580 viewers

Yes, it's the end of the league but POE has 10% of LEs viewers on Twitch, the majority of POE streamers are streaming LE, this says everything there is to say about the state of POE right now.

And BTW the changes done this league to the way character rarity is applied to the mob drops - not mentioned anywhere btw - was just the cherry on top of the massive nerfs done to the game in the past months.

So yeah... thanks for the pointless farming simulator that POE has become.

And if this isn't enough, D4 is lunching in a very short time, if this turns out to be a good game, good luck with keeping players in POE with all the nerfs, half-baked leagues and anti-player changes done to the game, and this is all thanks to "THE VISION".

Yes.. yes.. POE2, the culmination of "THE VISION", basically POE with a different campaign, some new items and ruthless built into the core game, ohh yes.. and even less drops!

What a dumb comment LOL I hope you are trying to meme super hard. The real vision is to let players that think like you go away and never come back :^)
Unless the new name is "Path of Exile 2" I'll be taking a break for D4

I will play both, no reason to quit one awesome game for another!
The stain on the floor, under the blade, reminds me of piles of swords lying on the Daresso arena. Definitely it will be connected with him, and if so, then we are waiting for "rabid dogs and wild boars", fighting pits and the Grand Arena of Theopolis.
I already like the aesthetics, I hope that the league mechanic will be interesting, and if this is not a melee league, then what?!

"A king of swords is nothing if he cannot defend his crown".
MAY ¿??¿?????????

So god damned 6 months time for this expansion to arrive instead 3...
And they even hide the changes...

GGG this is ur last chance.. Flop this league into another nerffiesta and nobody will stay anymore..

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