The 3.21 Expansion Name Reveal is Tomorrow!

My guess is it will start with either letter A, B or C, not D, E or behind those 2 letters. Say




I'm thinking it's either a reintroduction of an older removed league mechanic or something to do with Unique items specifically. Maybe "Historic" or "Archaeology" themed? Maybe a way to gain unique item's effects without actually equipping the item OR a way to upgrade them.

I'm guessing there will not be any new friendly NPCs to talk to, maybe two evil boss NPCs and one new UI element introduced. Also no new crafting station stuff.

I'm assuming the best items in the game are going to get nerfed. Gambling methods like Gwennen, Ancient Orbs, Divination cards and such are not going to be changed until the league after this next one. Only items not working as intended will get "buffed".

I'm hoping the top builds are going to get nerfed, but the bosses/end game stuff does NOT get buffed. I hope more than 3-4 skills get buffed enough to draw some attention to them.

That's my prediction.... That, or Dinosaurs.
Hype <3
Something that does not interrupt mapping would be awesome :))
Or a whole different area like Mine/harbour

Lets See
Vaal related league, but the pile of swords is hella cryptic...
Looking at the supporter packs tho, we have Chronomancy and a blood pack. Will have to wait and see I guess.
Sanctum was my last league not putting more time into this

did ur feelings got hurt? get a tissue
If league starts 7.04 its unlucky, coz its Easter time;( so whatever u prepare its league to skipp;(
vampirism league or anything like about vampires
Sentinel was a league in the 3.18 version. Do you re-release the same ?
The things you have to read. People are incredible.
my guesses league name is

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