Ruthless with Gold Twitch Highlights

so little content because no one likes it lol pog champ
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arrrrrrisssaaahhh THAT WAS EXTREMELY FUN ::D:D:D:D:D:D:D THANKS for the good laugh mate :D im gonna put in my filter voice, under the mirror
xSTGx wrote:
These highlights.... Oy. I don't even do streams but this is just desperate. Gotta keep the hype train rolling tho, even when there's nothing to hype?

If this wasn't a time-filler event waiting for season rollover, 10 ppl would be playing it. 10 very ill people.

Cannibalism wrote:
God I love Ruthless <3
We are so many people that enjoy this "oldschool" way to play. Please make a dedicated team to support the mode so we can get an even better experience playing it how the game was intended to be played.
No to everything you said and probably most of what you think.

"14.5k on ladder is level 46" does not equal "so many people enjoying" this. (Anecdotally I've actually never seen a ladder where so many of the end pages are at minimum level.)

How about you pay for private leagues instead? Then GGG can use your money to pay the person to take yet more features out for you. And plz GGG do not mingle funds from the real game with those. If u want to take funds from the R ppl to make the real game better, that's fine tho.

"Intended to be played" ... not even sure where you are getting this from. Not only is that the practical opposite of anything that's been said about R, but the game that exists -- including the early days... the game that was released, and got popular, and is the reason any of this got as far as it has -- is the example of how it was "intended" to be played. SMH. If they had released this as the game, it would have been shit on, laughed at, and hated. Kinda like it is now.

There are many sub-modern ARPGs that actually do play somewhat like this. So... go play those? Or maybe Space Invaders.

Yea most people played this event for the box and left and i think if there was no box you will find really small amount of players playing it.
This league's events are just the worst ever.

Ruthless with gold is even worst than Ruthless (less currency)

SSF in group events make people that play solo can't play.
only manni went on maps?
LMAO this Aris clip.

Also bitterdream for Kripp, that was lucky
"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
Wow, another demonstration of how Vision™ is going.
Ruthless slaps boys, don't even.
It is so fun to read people ragecommenting on Ruthless :D

Even Ruthless with gold has 10k lvl 70+ players. so yeah, there's a lot of people really enjoying it. Just admit it.

And encouraging to shut down the game mode 10k people enjoy is as tasteless as encouraging to make Ruthless core :D
i loved Ruthless with Gold tbh.
Screw the haters, none forces you to play here.But BTW where are the Prices??

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