Yesterday we announced the events that will be running throughout March. These events are quite different from anything we've done before, so there have naturally been many questions from the community. We'll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions in today's news post.

Are there special items to buy from the vendors in Ruthless with Gold?

Is the Ruthless event voided?

Can I play the Group SSF events solo?

In the group events, can accounts be added and removed from the Private Leagues freely (so more than the maximum number of allowed accounts can have participated in the Private League over its duration)?

Will these Private League templates be added to the list of general Private League modifiers?

How are masteries going to work in the Krangled Passive Skill Tree Event?

For the Polarity event, if you're in a party of 2 players, can both players roll the same polarity?

Why is there only one set Krangled Passive Tree for all players instead of having a new randomised tree seed for each character?

Why are these events so niche?

Why are there no Endless-style events this time?

Can there be more participation prizes for the Group SSF Events? It feels like the Top 10 slots will get taken over by racing groups/streamers and will leave nothing for others.

Does this confirm that the next league will start on the 7th of April (PDT)?

Will the Ascendant ascendancy skills be shuffled in with the skills from the other ascendancy classes during the Krangled Passives Group SSF Event?

Will Ascendancy nodes be reshuffled between classes only or all Ascendancies?

Will Skills that specifically affect nearby allies such as Auras work in the Friendly Fire event?

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Grinding Gear Games
Remember what happened with battle royale? Ruthless gonna have the same fate XD
3.13 Was the best league ever!
3.18 Rest in peace my beloved recombinators, I'm gonna miss you...
Nice nice
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
cool (?)
Sad. I really dislike the events this time. I can't fathom why there isn't an Event thats more suitable for your main player base.

Ruthless is only around for 1 league and you already force it on us. Shame.
Yeah but no event for us who want to play solo and non ruthless... what a scam
The game you play for FREE is a scam? How exactly?

You need to take a break.
Looking forward to playing the group SSF with my partner : )

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