Path of Exile's Trailers of the Past

Synthesis was such underappreciated league....Now items are so sought after.
The good old day's when the game actually was fun
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Previous posts had brief insights into development, while these are just trailers w/o any info. Still interesting and nostalgic in their own way, but something is missing.
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Synthesis still looks dope, I wish we had more parts of it in the core game. Maybe in PoE 2.. pretty please?
Synthesis II when? I am serious.
Generally I love all the trailers but I was soooooo hyped for Conquerors of the Atlas. POE2 was awesome and blew my mind but 3.9 was definitely far more interesting to me at the time since POE2 was still a whiles away. The only other trailer that I enjoyed more was Echoes of the Atlas. I didn't think it could be outdone but Echoes blew me away, and I'm spoiled by a typically high standard of quality and hype that is common for GGG. Looking back at specific league trailers, I think Delve is still my favorite, with close consideration for Scourge and Synthesis.
pls bring ultimatum fully back
it can replace rogue exiles nodes in atlas tree
Melee used to be Okay to play I guess
Can't believe it has already been a decade since beta.

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