Path of Exile's Trailers of the Past

synthesis had such potential...even the soundtrack was great
Thank you GGG for this awesome game.
I miss Synthesis :(

Sure, it had a fair share of issues, but it did not deserve to be completely trashed.
Nice! GL GGG!
PS Rofl soon will be 12 years since i'm here))
Ashriel wrote:
Are we really at the point of showing off old trailers?

Yes we are.

Legion remains my favourite.
HaHA-Ah yes, the good ol days!
Please add back 32:9 support
The Legion trailer always gives me chills. It's a masterpiece <3
Briiing baaack Syyynthesiiiiis!
Synthesis theme and opening hits right in the feels ;_;
Legion vibe just hits different, my first league and by far the best mechanic

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