Last month marked 10 years since Path of Exile's Open Beta, so to take a trip down memory lane, we've collected trailers for some of our expansions. Also, if you're keen for an informative dive into Path of Exile's past, make sure you give this, this and this post a read where we reflect on some of our older content!

Starting from where we left off in our last post above, check out some of our trailers from Betrayal onwards below!

Betrayal League (3.5.0)

Synthesis League (3.6.0)

Legion League (3.7.0)

Blight League (3.8.0)

Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph (3.9.0)

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Grinding Gear Games
ok thanks
my hideouts -
I do generally like your trailers.
I was removed from GGG’s Valued Poster program for… criticising them on the forum.

“Please understand that imposing strong negative views regarding our team on to other players when you are representing our most helpful forum posters is not appropriate.” — GGG 2022
So rad. I love ❤️ this stuff. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, SSF, Item Freedom:
Love you GGG <3
Miss you Ultimatum!
Alan Leonardo Piovesan
Legion is still my favorite. Cheers for another 10 years.
Looking on those and Legion icons were way better back than for sure.
Is readjusting/continuation of story finally here? =)

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