Zizaran's Gauntlet Twitch Highlights

in decline with these events...
heil_mods_ wrote:
TTv_Koree wrote:
... The organizers should think of more interesting events then catering to people who can play the game 20+ hours a day.

Don't forget that this is a race event. Nothing is casual about racing and nothing should be casual about it. Ben laping everyone is not his fault, others needs to get on his level, and I'm sure all top racers agree with me on this.

Or of course you can play casually and have a chance to win prices. You can take 10 days to level a char to 100 and win an RTX 4090 (and a bunch on mtx), I don't think it can get more casual than that.

Yeah a 10-day race event LOL, who actually can put in 16h a day on a 10day event with a full time job, nobody.
I do cross-league trading, You are first unless your join date is earlier then mine
Amazing stuff :D
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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/yawn anything new?
Next Gauntlet has to be softcore if they want to make things interesting, at least if they want a race at the front. Has anyone else crossed the finish line yet?

Now if they want a strong competition, GGG needs to invest money into their game for real and incentivize "professional gamers" to actually be professional about it. The Gauntlet and ExileCon prize pool are too small to compete with add revenue and sponsors, Ben and ImExile are battling it up, but everyone else is just content doing their usual shtick on Twitch.
TTv_Koree wrote:
SonOf7Less wrote:
Nevzat wrote:
These gauntlets are essentially a "make Ben rich" event. It baffles me people are donating knowing full well it's going to him.

I wish GGG would do more events for the every day player, with random raffles rather than it all being about races. Some of us like to just play the game, non competitively and be occasionally rewarded for doing so :)

It seems all the rewards and events these days are just catered to the 0.05% streamer meta players.

I hope whatevers planned in March is fun, because the last three events GGG did were pretty awful tbh. Remember, the average man makes up the majority of your income GGG :) Don't lose sight of us

The gauntlet is organized by Zizaran and community founded, if you want to get an event for casual, get the sponsor, the people working for it and make your own.

The gauntlet is also the worst event for people who have jobs, Nobody who has a job can actually push bounties, quantrik has a full time job sure, but he died and didnt complete one single bounty and quantrik makes up for like the 1% of people that actually play the gauntlet with a full-time job. The events get trashier every single time they're ran. The organizers should think of more interesting events then catering to people who can play the game 20+ hours a day.

Back in the day, there was racing for all, tiny, short, long etc... I hope it will be back someday, the roaster was pretty dense and everyone could participate. I guess, this time will be with battle pass for more rewards, but still would be awesome!

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