As always, Zizaran's Gauntlet has provided the community with a jam-packed event filled with mayhem and destruction! Congratulations to Ben who has already taken rank 1 overall by completing all the objectives! Check out some of the highlights in today's news post!

The Gauntlet is still on-going, so if you're keen to join in on the action, you can find out more about the event here! There are still tons of prizes up for grabs, from raffle prizes to bounties!

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Legendary performance, as always. He’s currently going for a full second clear on a clean slate Scion. Exile put up an amazing fight. They’re both still miles ahead of the competition.

Steelmage is still the winner in our hearts ❤️ steelmageL #SlowAndSteady
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Can we share other clips here? I got a YouTube link for a streamer that got a key and great rip clip.
It was such a fast gauntlet this time.
VERY boring to watch... Ben just miles ahead gauntlet after gauntlet. Blah. Next league please :)
These gauntlets are essentially a "make Ben rich" event. It baffles me people are donating knowing full well it's going to him.

I wish GGG would do more events for the every day player, with random raffles rather than it all being about races. Some of us like to just play the game, non competitively and be occasionally rewarded for doing so :)

It seems all the rewards and events these days are just catered to the 0.05% streamer meta players.

I hope whatevers planned in March is fun, because the last three events GGG did were pretty awful tbh. Remember, the average man makes up the majority of your income GGG :) Don't lose sight of us
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dsata wrote:
VERY boring to watch... Ben just miles ahead gauntlet after gauntlet. Blah. Next league please :)

Ye I know what you mean. He's obviously a god at the game and knows exactly what to do, but you already know the outcome, so its just.. yeah of course. No surprises or underdogs just a flat line.

amazing, ben as always insane, props to carn and exile as well.
I miss harvest, 36/40 never forget.
Mirror drop - Strand clear speed meta legacy league month "5"
Mirror drop - Canyon casual farming harby ultimatum league month "1"
now i'm a main standard league player.
league content on standard when? GGG! show us some love.

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