3.20.2 Patch Notes

neblus wrote:

Dunno if it's intended or not but clearly it's bothering for trade... and when people hide their character you have no absolute way to contact them

Yeah, we're back to stone age eras where we have to message people on the Forum, hoping they even check their messages. Since we can't even add people by their account name anyway..
It's so messed up.
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
So you allow to summon Sanctum Spectres but they are actually copy pastes of alreday existing mobs, just with lower numbers on their attack skills.
Why waste time for THIS?

Can we fix it so that when you get dashboarded on Xbox consoles loading into a new map... it doesn't consume one of your portals? This happens a fair bit and it is really annoying when you have just spent hours farming elder, shaper, maven or sirus fragments.

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