The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

Lycia and Beidat because it's been a cool story:

proof that weird hands are the result of human error and not AI:
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Here's my take on creating a Sanctified Relic in pixel animation.

This is my first attempt at making pixel art so it's not perfect.



Blender/Krita/Topaz, can provide source files if necessary
Greater Wraith

Timelapse here —>
This will be a gaming table for the biggest Poe fan, is still not finished but i don't want to miss the opportunity to share it with u guys. I need to cover it in resin and make some nice steampunk legs. I hope you guys like it, and I hope I will sell it to Chris Wilson one day cause I'm broke hahah.

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Made a quick remix of Lycia's boss fight theme.
I just found this game in the cellar of my parents house. Looks good, but does anyone have an Atari ST to borrow? ;)

This artwork is inspired by the mother game of all roguelike games and game mechanics - "Rouge" from 1980. The game was created by Michael Toy, Glenn Wichman, Ken Arnold and Jon Lane. The packaging is inspired by the Atari ST release by Epyx Computer Software.

IG: kondzix.keska

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My daughter likes Path of Exile very much and she wants to join the competition with her drawing :D

Mitterand wrote:
Ascendant in Sanctum, she is wearing the new supporter cape, Wilma's Requital. The 0,2% using this item on But is a very cool unique helmet, just needs some love imho... Please rate it if you like it.

hmmm, this one looks very AI generated too
Hi everyone !

I'll try to ad some ol'good templar in these competion about forbidden templar thing ! I've made also a neckreminted version of my illustration. I hope you will like it.

I will post the process on instagram soon.

Maybe i'll do some other entry for this contest, but in any case, have a good day Exiles !

"How's your resolve Exile ?"

and the neckgrade version :
"How's your resolve Émile ?

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