[3.22] WinterOrb CwC Lightning Warp Occulist, UPDATED for 3.22

Thank you to OP, and to AccoTyr for the detailed update. I'm loving the build too and with these latest suggestions I've pushed past the fun stage to completing content that I've maybe only completed at the height of Harvest. Blast Freeze and Sporeguard were the big upgrades that reinvigorated my progress.

Because I'm using an Impossible Escape to get Window of Opportunity, I was able to anoint Assassination on my Sporeguard for a big DPS boost.
After 3.21 second wind don't add a second use to skill linked to Black Zenith, i cannot fin anywhere mentioning they made that change, so I posted as a bug, so if you are trying this build with this interaction in mind, just don't do until they fix, if that a bug.
Is there any change from previous 3.20. I really have fun with this build last league and plan to play again. For people that already play, how this build feels against tanky crucible monster. And finally do we no longer need nimis and can instead just anoint vengeant cascade?
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Ayam1414 wrote:
Is there any change from previous 3.20. I really have fun with this build last league and plan to play again. For people that already play, how this build feels against tanky crucible monster. And finally do we no longer need nimis and can instead just anoint vengeant cascade?

Vengeant Cascade only works with attacks so it not work with Winter Orb.

If you go without think using second wind the build is much like in 3.20 so its very strong.
any update on this?
my builds:
- COLB (Cast On Last Breath) first ever build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1632595
- the Flash: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1367774
- the oro's bridle build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1409823
I've been playing this build in 3.21 and having a blast (again). Currently 97, with all non-Uber bosses down. Crucible mobs are no problem as long as you keep moving.

Most of the comments in my last post still hold. The build is substantially improved over 3.20, though. There are several reasons:

First, the new Tulfall is incredible. Its singular DPS contribution is not Heatshiver, but it's shockingly close.

Second, the Crucible passive for Hydrosphere on WO channel is amazing. It re-triggers every second we channel, targeted at our cursor. Support it with PCoC + Awakened Added Cold + Inc Crit Damage and you have another massive DPS boost plus a reliable exposure source, meaning we can drop Corrosive Elements entirely.

Third, there's a great small Thread of Hope spot in the Shadow/Watch cluster spot, which lets us pick up Whispers of Doom, Arcane Sanctuary, Throatseeker, Winter's Embrace, and Glacial Cage. Yet another massive DPS boost on the cheap.

Fourth, I've converted to a pure evasion/suppression build. I was already skipping Determination in 3.20 because it added virtually no EHP. We're still squishy if something gets through; but higher evasion + high spell suppression = fewer one-shots. My EHP is currently ~50-60% higher than in 3.20, before Progenesis and without optimizing Crucible passives. The "drawback" is that this effectively forces us into Sporeguard, as you need Overcharge + Sovereignty anoints on top of Impossible Escape.

You can see my current gear/tree in my profile. Next steps for me personally, in no particular order, are (1) add a large cluster and slot in Rational Doctrine (likely at 98); (2) get Tulfall with reduced skill effect duration and other useful Crucible nodes; (3) optimize Crucible tree on Malachai's Loop to include better defensive/recovery options; (4) add PC ring; (5) add Progenesis; (6) maybe add Heatshiver, particularly post-#3 & 5; and (7) add Nimis + alternate belt to try Ubers.

I'd also note that another glass cannon approach might work, namely moving from Sporeguard to a good Grasping Mail with damage per PC, moving auras to body armour with Enlighten, dropping Sovereignty, and working in the Crucible passive for a chance at double damage sub-100 str. I don't plan to go there personally because I really like Sporeguard's defensive power and explode...but it might have legs.

This build continues to demonstrate why I like playing it. It's a constant progression of meaningful upgrades and micro-puzzles to solve as your build develops. I hope others enjoy it as much as I do.
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I have a void battery with the Hydrosphere mod and double damage under 100 str, will that work instead of Tulfall?
This looks massively fun, definitely going to try this out, al though, for the first time in my poe "career" ill be trying a private league with some friends so i have a few questions related to league start SSF"Lite" viability.

1. Would this fare well as a league starter? if so, any budget variant ?
2. I see most of the items are either target farmable or rather common drops, so i might be better off starting as cold dot occu and transitioning after i've farmed enough breach/legion?.

Also, another question regarding Lightning Warp duration:
- Is there any point to further investment into less duration if the duration of lightning warp is already less than that of the cast while channeling trigger rate?
I've seen in the POB that the duration of LW is hitting below zero duration numbers but im genuinely perplexed as to what the point is if the full lightning warp animation is still perfectly capable of completing in the time frame of the CWC trigger rate which seems to be around 3.33 with an awakened CWC, thus wouldn't a LW duration of < 3.33s i.e less than 330 miliseconds be just fine? (should probably subtract the actual cast time from this window aswell as adjust for latency aswell i guess)

Is this build works in 3.22 looks fun and will like to tried it out and can this work on a budget around 50 div
Anyone else playing this build who realized that return projectiles / nimis no longer work with Winter Orb?

Ive been mapping for 2 days straight with Return Projectiles not realizing this until a few minutes ago. wow.

What happened? anyone knows?

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