New Microtransactions: Proximity Light Hideout Decoration and Cannonade Volley Effect

You guys invest so much time and are so creative with some of these MTX, yet you cannot give us some more quality of life to the actual game.

Divines are going to the moon, chaos orbs could use a stack increase. Even just raising the stack size to 20 would make a huge difference.
Loot overall is still abysmal, especially some currencies.

Sorry, but the proximity light might be great for some moody ho ... but when can we expect the disco ball with disco lighting?
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When old boxes gonna hit the shop?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
i these are cool but i would also love a darkness mod, to be able to make areas darker, so you can have a moody dark dungeon which fits most of the mtx and lore

also why are they different prices??? why is green 50 and red 70 ... they are colours everyone has different tastes they should all be equal no?
we need new microtransaction that change word "hideout" in hideout name to "dancefloor"
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Proximity Light effects are kind of cheating in my opinion since they are providing light in dark places when worn as a MTX and this replaces in part the "light radius" mechanic that the game has to offer. If it's only applied to the player when at his hideout then fine :-/
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One day it will be a shield crush MTX, i believe

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