New Microtransactions: Proximity Light Hideout Decoration and Cannonade Volley Effect

Dralovak wrote:
Proximity Light effects are kind of cheating in my opinion since they are providing light in dark places when worn as a MTX and this replaces in part the "light radius" mechanic that the game has to offer. If it's only applied to the player when at his hideout then fine :-/

The name of the MTX literally says "hideout decoration".
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Those proximity activated lights look stunning, gonna get them sooner or later :D

Keep up this great and creative work!
More support gem MTX, please!

As for the lights, a color slider + unlimited placements would be nice (and by nice, I mean "industry standard").
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What Devs give: another packs of mtx
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I love the proximity lighting! But.... 5 to 7$ for a single colour 1 use light....? I would understand if you could buy a colour and place multiple of that colour for a single purchase.
cool. now full rgb for those lights please. I won't use it, cause i hate rgb, but i wan't it to exist. TY.
I mean this is cool af, but paying $5 PER LIGHT is waaaay over the top. If you buy this, you should be able to place as many as you want, not have to pay $5 for each individual light placement.

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