[3.21] Cheapbunny's Frozen Legion Glacial Cascade Battlemage Inquisitor

Updated to 3.21 - Crucible League
A lot of changes are made to the skill tree in 3.21. Zealot Oath keystone is moved out of the timesless jewel range for "Corrupted Soul" conversion, I moved the timeless jewel to the location near "Eternal Youth" instead. Because of this, I have redone the pathing in passive skill tree, now the build has one jewel less (Balance of Terror is no longer available in 3.21). The new pathing does not path through 30 Dexterity on the tree, so it requires more dex bonus on your gears now.

There is a lot of Masteries changes as well, you might check the new Masteries in POB. Overall, the build lose some damage because of losing Balance of Terror (Crucible Passive should make up for it) but got a bit more survivability due to the new life regen cluster I take.

This is a new build archetype that I've never played before, Attack + Spell, which is pretty interesting, because a normal POE build would want to focus on either attack or spell, but rarely both.

Overall, I find it quite fun to theory craft and play this build, Frozen Legion (melee, good at open area) and Glacial Cascade (range, good at narrow area) complement each other pretty well, it strikes a good balance between mapping and bossing.

This build actually cost more than my other build mainly because of the expensive jewels, I'll include lower budget version of the build that does not use Unnatural Instinct and Frenzy Charge Grand Spectrum unique jewel. Lower budget version has roughly 15% less damage, smaller aoe and less hp regen, but will save you 20 divines.

Build Thought

Frozen Legion and Marohi Erqi

The build idea started with the league announcement introducing the new skill "Frozen Legion", I wanted to make a build with it because it looks cool.

"Marohi Erqi" seems to be the best weapon for this "Frozen Legion", because it has very high flat physical damage and "Frozen Legion" does not care about the low attack speed.

Why use Glacial Cascade?

Frozen Legion has a long 0.8 cooldown (total 4.8 seconds to reach maximum stacks), a secondary skill will be needed to do damage during Frozen Legion cooldown recovery.

Glacial cascade become the obvious choice because it scales very similarly to Frozen Legion, they both convert 100% physical in to cold damage and has AOE tag.

Since Glacial Cascade is a spell, it is also not affected by accuracy and attack speed penalty from Marohi Erqi.

Why Inquisitor?

I chose Inquisitor mainly because of the "Instruments of Virtue" ascendancy node.

This node allows Marohi Erqi's high physical damage to be applied on Glacial Cascade because of Battlemage, it also boosts Frozen Legion damage after using Glacial Cascade and Frozen Legion (FL is a spell as well).

Why non-Crit despite being Inquisitor?

Marohi Erqi has -500 accuracy on it, a lot of investment into accuracy will be needed to go crit. Since accuracy does not benefit Glacial Cascade, I think it is not worth it to invest into accuracy, and decided to use "Resolute Technique" keystone to solve accuracy problem instead.


How to scale damage for both attack and spell? How to scale damage further without crit?

I try to avoid scaling damage with stat that only affect eithe rattack or spell like
i) attack speed
ii) attack damage
iii) damage with mace
iv) accuracy
v) cast speed
vi) spell damage

There are many other common stat that will affect both FL and GC, because of how similar they are. I focus on the stat below to scale both FL and GC damage.
i) elemental damage
ii) cold damage
iii) physical as extra damage
iv) AOE damage
v) aura effect (Hatred + Herald of Purity)
vi) cold penetration

Because I am doing non-crit, I need other "more" damage multiplier that can affect both FL and GC to scale the damage further
These are what I used:
i) chance to deal triple damage (Brutal charge from Arn's Anguish)

ii) triple curse (Elemental Weakness + Frostbite + Punishment)
iii) 15% culling strike (from The Eternal Struggle amulet)

iv) frenzy charge


The Forbidden Sanctum League

T15 Atoll + Veritania

T16 Hydra

The Formed

Sanctum Final Floor - Lycia

Uber Shaper

Uber Maven

Skill Tree (POB)

Kill all bandits.

(Note : There are two version of skill tree in the POB : Higher/Lower budget)
(Lower budget version does not use Unnatural Instinct and Frenzy Charge Grand Spectrum)

4 Apr 2023 - [POE 3.21] 96 lvl skill tree (Latest)

19 Dec 2022 - [POE 3.20] 96 lvl skill tree


Level with any cold spell during act 1-2. You can swap into Glacial Cascade in act 3.

Frozen Legion gem will be available in act 4 (level 34).
Only start using Frozen Legion if you have the following
i) high physical damage two hand weapon
ii) Inquisitor's Ascendancy Node "Instrument of Virtue"

Otherwise, you can choose to level as a cold spell caster (with caster weapon) to level 57 (level requirement of Marohi Erqi) or level 64 (level requirement of Uul-Netol Embrace) if you cant afford Marohi Erqi yet.


If level with Frozen Legion
Instrument of Virtue -> Sanctuary -> Pious Path -> Augury of Penitence

If level as spell caster (with caster weapon)
Sanctuary -> Pious Path -> Instrument of Virtue -> Augury of Penitence



Early Game
If level with Frozen Legion
High physical damage two hand weapon

If level as spell caster (with caster weapon)
Elemental damage/Spell Damage/Cast Speed Rare Weapon

Mid Game

End Game

Body Armour

Early Game
Life/Resis Rare Body Armour

Mid Game
Carcass Jack

End Game
Carcass Jack with "increase damage" corrupted implicit

How to get 6L Carcass Jack with corrupted implict

1. Buy a corrupted Carcass Jack with "increase damage" corrupted implict
2. Use tainted armour scrap until 25%+ quality
3. Bench craft 5 socket (Cost 70 Jew + 70 Vaal)
4. Use tainted jeweller orb

Repeat 3-4 until you get 6 sockets

5. Bench craft 5 link (Cost 150 Fus + 150 Vaal)
6. Use tainted fusing

Repeat 5-6 until you get 6 links

7. Bench craft at least 1 blue until you get 4b2g


Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Helmet

End Game
Life/Resis/Life Regen Rare Helmet

Enchantment : Frozen Legion has 30% increased cooldown recovery rate OR
Frozen Legion has +2 Cooldown Uses
Eldritch Implicit : Damage penetrate cold resistance/increase are of effect



Early Game
Life/Resis Rare Gloves

Mid/End Game

Corrupted Implicit : Increased Cast Speed


Early Game
Movement Speed/Resis Rare Boots

Mid/End Game
Movement Speed/Resis/Life Rare Boots

Enchantment : Penetrate elemental resistance while haven't kill recently or Life Regen while hit recently
Eldritch Implicit : Extra physical as cold damage/Drop Scorch Ground while moving


Early Game

Mid Game

End Game (after acquire Endurance Charge Grand Spectrum)

Enchantment : Increased Area of Effect while you have Arcane Surge
Corrupted Implicit : Hatred Aura Effect


Early Game
Life/Resis Rare Amulet

Mid Game

(Anointment : Winter Spirit)

End Game

(Anointment : Whisper of Doom)

(Dex roll is important on the amulet because this build is lacking dex)
Eldritch Implicit : Cold penetration/Cold damage
(Note : Need to make sure Searing Exarch is dominant on The Eternal Struggle amulet)


Early Game
Life/Resis Rare Rings

Mid Game
Life/Mana/Resis Rare Rings

End Game
Life/Mana/Dex/Resis/+1 Minimum Endurance Rare Rings


Cluster Jewels

Grand Spectrums

Early/Mid Game

End Game (Lower Budget Version)

End Game (Higher Budget Version)

Other Unique Jewel

(Doryani Variant, Slot in specific jewel socket, refer to POB)
Look for the following mods
i) Life/Life Regen
ii) Physical Damage/Chance to deal Double Damage
iii) Cold Damage/Cold Pen
(Please note that different seed number is used in POB)

(Slot in specific jewel socket, refer to POB)
(Lower Budget Version does not use Unnatural Instinct)

(Look for Damage Penetrate Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred)

Gem Link

6L Frozen Legion (Weapon)

6L Glacial Cascade (Body Armour)

4L Trigger Curse Setup (Gloves)

(Enhance and Increase AOE is not necessary, feel free to swap out for other gems you like)
(Curses in the gloves cannot be used directly, they will be triggered when you cast Elemental Weakness)

2L Frostblink

1L Gems and Auras

1L Gems


My other build guide
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4 Apr 2023
- Updated passive tree 3.21
- Remove "Balance of Terror" from the build as it is not available in 3.21

(Look for Gain Physical Damage as Random Element if you've cast Elemental Weakness in the past 10 seconds)

- Added "Frozen Legion has +2 Cooldown Uses" as alternative helmet enchant
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I cant wait to release this guide :)
I've been playing something similar, but with Wave of Conviction instead of GC, and crits instead of Resolute Technique.

I play slow and only expect to hit yellow maps today, so I still have "bargain basement"/pre-endgame gear. Not sure how far I'll get, as I typically hit a wall somewhere in red maps, but so far so good.

I'm looking forward to the analysis for this build and seeing what I can steal for mine :D
Thank you for this great build! I can't wait to leveling again as an old man with no pant!
I will try to get the build guide out by this week. My leave is over and I need to go back to work :(
Last edited by cheapbunny on Dec 21, 2022, 8:12:15 AM
Really love this build so far. Haven't played in a couple years so I've been pretty much relearning the game. Started with EK ignite which was great, and now I switched to this. Just hit 90, but I'm having trouble surviving. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong or if they made the game just that much more crazy. Either way looking forward to the finished guide!
Can I use a staff with this and go crit? Was thinking of just slapping on some rare gear and go crit. You mentioned you use brutal charges because your non-crit so you need that "more" multiplier. But if I just slap on some rare gear and a staff and go crit do you think it'd be viable enough?
Kosai wrote:
Can I use a staff with this and go crit? Was thinking of just slapping on some rare gear and go crit. You mentioned you use brutal charges because your non-crit so you need that "more" multiplier. But if I just slap on some rare gear and a staff and go crit do you think it'd be viable enough?

I think it could work, but it would be a very different build. Power charge stacking seems the way to go with it, you might want to consider using the new staff "The Winds of Fate" as well.
Here are your gems from PoB if you feel like sprucing up your post :)

Slot: Boots
Elemental Weakness 20/20

Slot: Boots
Clarity 20/0

Slot: Boots
Herald of Purity 21/0
Vaal Molten Shell 20/0

Slot: Body Armour
Glacial Cascade 21/20
Awakened Controlled Destruction 5/20
Awakened Cold Penetration 4/20
Faster Casting 20/20
Hypothermia 20/20
Bonechill 20/20

Slot: Gloves
Punishment 20/20
Enhance 3/0
Increased Area of Effect 20/20
Frostbite 20/20

Slot: Helmet
Frostblink 20/20
Arcane Surge 6/0

Slot: Helmet
Hatred 20/0

Slot: Helmet
Determination 21/0

Slot: Weapon 1
Anomalous Frozen Legion 20/20
Hypothermia 20/20
Divergent Pulverise 20/20
Awakened Cold Penetration 5/20
Elemental Damage with Attacks 20/20
Melee Physical Damage 20/20

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