3.20.0 Hotfix 7

3.20.0 Hotfix 7
  • Massively reduced the non-resolve damage of the Infernal Sentinel Sanctum Guard. We will address its projectile shotgunning behaviour in another patch.
  • Fixed a bug with the "Defeat Harbingers" challenge where non-Harbinger monsters counted towards it.
  • Fixed an instance crash at Dannig that occured in Ruthless.

You will need to enter a new area for the changes to take effect.
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Last bumped on Dec 12, 2022, 2:00:32 AM
Go home Chris it time to take a break it's been 7 hotfixes in 2 days.
Last edited by KnoT on Dec 11, 2022, 1:04:20 AM
No Soul Mantle fix, sadge
KnoT wrote:
Go home Chris it time to take a break it's been 7 hotfixes in 2 days.

Not even close to being done!!!
Yall doin amazing with communication, visibility, and keeping the game flowing. Perception is the game matters to you and you're handling it in a professional manner. Great job.
Yeah they are doing amazing job by fixing counting challanges while people can’t play their build because of bug on soul mantle, so yeah, really good job.

Don’t overwork yourself.
Last edited by teepesa on Dec 11, 2022, 2:29:37 AM
Soul Mantle, Spidersilk Robe ???????
No curses... We are literaly immune to curses...

Hotfix 8: Soul Mantle increase quantity and rarity by 20% per each curse on you,
Thank you for your patients,


For the rest,

Tip for today: Soul Mantle, Spidersilk Robe makes you immune to all curses in the game.

Have fun exile.. :D
plzz fix soul mantle and vixen's
Good stuff.
While there's bits and pieces I'd see as needing polish (the resolve costs in early sanctum encounters are brutal where they should be the tamest and tamest where they should be most brutal) and the new rare mods are a tad rough around the edges (the flame orbs from the mob that took that part of magma barrier seem to be back to pre-nerf AN numbers and speeds), the league does feel much better than the last one and better balanced than sentinel too.
Good work!

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