New and Changed Gems in Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

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This will be the best league in years. It’s all coming together.


Let's see the numbers. I'm not hyped until seeing good results. My cat also can speak (in its language of course), but the reality will be known in the league. The drops also have no changes...and can be a problem again.
Riverwind77 wrote:
Valkaneer wrote:
DS_Deadman wrote:
Ahh, the beautiful taste of tears.

Adjust or die.

If anyone has to adjust or die, it's the company that makes a game. Blizzard has just started to figure this out.

Imagine putting blizzard as example of adaptation

Imagine being able to properly read plain text.


As in, if you 'just started learning to read' you are not exactly 'an example of literacy' ...
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Rextec wrote:
we're all glorified beta testers that are litearlly funding the game just for them to nerf all the stuff we like to play and how we like to play, just so everybody is on the same page, the game won't be path of exile when poe 2 rolls around at this rate

Precisely. It will be ALL be PoE 2.

GGG's great gamble.

They've seen what happened to a great many titles - literally scores of big name MMO's - who ended up spoiled by their own sequels.

Half your players are too attached to the old game to leave it. Half are bored and desire something new. Rather than attract a new crowd with your sequel, you vivisect the playerbase and both titles underperform.

Faced with two bad choices, GGG is opting for plan C.

They're going to attempt to drag the old players into the new game. There will be pain, destruction of our time, effort and much badness in this process.

I don't envy their position. The playerbase will dwindle away to unsupportable levels without something new. But many players - I can understand this mindset personally - will NEVER abandon their collections and empires to move on. And there is enough of us that, unless they can transmogrify old PoE into PoE II - by force if necessary - their new venture will be underwhelming.

But make no mistake - the birth of the new will wreck incredible destruction on the old in the process. I wont sugarcoat this - as I'm not being paid $0.73 per word to conjure feel-good copyrighting and parseltongue - I'm just explaining the situation.

There is no good decision. They're rolling dice right now. GGG is gambling they will be hurt less by antagonizing the players continually on the lead-up to PoE II than the injuries they'd sustain by allowing half their players to remain behind in the old game world, or by launching PoE II astride the largest nerf patch in the history of this entire game.

We'll see how their gambit works out.

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Archernar wrote:
I don't understand why people feel abused and used if developers nerf gameplay in general in anticipation of a new league or game or if they feel like the game has become too fast. It's not like they conduct some sick experiments on you or anything, the worst that could happen is that you lose some fun playing the game.

Furthermore I have seen so much whine and negativity on the forums about past leagues not being tested thoroughly enough and that was just about minor league mechanics, don't you think a major overhaul of PoE gameplay (like what will happen for PoE 2) should be tested and tweaked WAY in advance? What exactly do you expect them to say in order to be honest about it?

1: Balance changes of these magnitudes are the result of poor testing and failures in game design. (I am speaking of historic nerfs, not simply this most recent set). When you are making balance swings exceeding 10-15%, that shows glaring flaws in your planning, programming and/or testing regimen.

2: People's time has value. When their work is destroyed, they are correct to be aggravated by that. The blame for that aggravation falls on those who maintain the system, not those who operated under those rules.

The poor planning and testing GGG engages in has been a consistent theme well before PoE II was a part of the equation.

When you are de-tuning things by drastic percentages, that is not nerfing. It is not play-balancing. It was a failure on the part of the developer.

And your players must ultimately pay the price for that.

They are correct to be dissatisfied.
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DS_Deadman wrote:
Ahh, the beautiful taste of tears.

Adjust or die.

You think you'd be satisfied if they all quit. You wouldn't enjoy the actual fallout very much.

zsirfoka wrote:
Very bad design on vaal cleave.
With vaal cleave all other vaal skills are just inferior.
vaal skill with culling and cannot be evaded and 400% multiplier gives a 20sec buff that gives:
1.steal rare buff
2.Cleave has culling strike
3.Cleave has 60% aoe
4.cleave 60% more damage to low life
WTF is this sh...?

Well sir, it's something people will be complaining about getting nerfed in about 3-9 months time.

Anyone investing into the new Cleave gem would do well to understand what they're signing up for.

Think of cleave as GGG's answer to DAoC's Warlock class. (Obscure, but those few fellow ex-players will absolutely understand the reference).

It will, in the end, receive the same treatment.

Buyer beware.
Looks good..
a tree gives vegetables but it has an owner because we live in cities and we buy these vegetables from markets and pay for them..
in old times we could pick vegetables from tree for free but now there are no vegetable trees for free
that means you must buy a hh or mb or you can't do anything in that game.. they will nerf your builds if you can
Chaos damage over time will be problem about Despair nerf

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