The Forbidden Sanctum Item Filter Information

sirgog wrote:
Lava Lake in T1 is ... interesting

Wonder how many copies of The Demon will drop day 1 from people killing map Kitava during their first map of the league.

Hmm ive been searching for info, about changes to that divination cards drop location. So far i havnt found anything.
Im glad to see im not the only one wondering about that specific card.

GGG: Death divination card is only available in one map? Is this intended?
bog (Marshes and Mud Geyser is removed)
LiNGeN wrote:

How reliable is this droplevel data really?

Datamined info allowed a lot of predictions to be made that were later tested. I have to consider it proven.
Le Toucan Will Return
No Belfry map, has it been removed for good?
Delirium 10c in map device.
No tropical island.

Godfucking dammnit !

Back to strand map i suppose...
Tier 16 toxic sewer hell yeah

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