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ok ok , nice start of the new league!
the nurse t14
One thing this post forgot to include was all of the items/basetypes that were being disabled (as opposed to going core). Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


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sirgog wrote:
bakaro22 wrote:
sirgog wrote:
Lava Lake in T1 is ... interesting

Wonder how many copies of The Demon will drop day 1 from people killing map Kitava during their first map of the league.

not many, cuz iirc it requires map ilvl 75 at least

It doesn't, poedb has it as drop restricted: 68+ (you have the Mageblood cards in mind which are 75+)

How reliable is this droplevel data really?
I object to Palace map not being returned. We want Divine Orb cards back now that Divine is the new Exalted!

Or just make The Sephiroth drop somewhere else, of course. And maybe give a less rare card for one or two Divines.
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i want to subscribe
I'm hyped, but can we get confirmation soon about what Jewels aren't making it in? Or has this been released already and I've missed it ?

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