New Microtransactions: Sunprism Alchemist's Mark and Celestial Boneshatter Effects

SICK!!!!! Love the visuals of the marks!
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About as creative as loot explosions
maybe fix your game? loot goblins (like 12 yers ago in diablo3) really?
Hahahaha brooooooooo you made me laugh sooo much!!!! Thank you for that!!! Haha made my weekend xD
bonefist wrote:
"Sir, the Titanic is sinking!"

"Quickly men -- spray paint the deck chairs and charge more to sit on them."

"But captain, everyone is screaming and throwing themselves overboard..."

"Good point. Use our shiniest paint!"

must be hard to come up with new exciting mtx.... i guess thats why its always celestial everything celestial.... i fear this game is on the brink of collapsing running on limited burrowed time ...
Dropped more uniques in the showcase than in league :)
nope. Nothing new, same old theme.
Cool mtx shame the mark is useless
ShadyTwisted wrote:
what skill is that witch using at 15 seconds?

i think its frenzy

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