New Microtransactions: Sunprism Alchemist's Mark and Celestial Boneshatter Effects

Sunprism mark looks amazing.

Celestial Boneshatter looks underwhelming here and I don't see it getting better with a higher attack speed that's more typical of lategame use of that skill.
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Can you add more normal effects like give some fire and lightning skills an arctic mtx or for a cold skill add a fire version etc.
Looks GREAT!
Venom Gyre MTX when
hey GGG, first ill say that they look gorgeous and now ill say something abit different please dont get me wrong i love this game and i love mtx and i always try support you with money so you develop game for us.

but and here comes the but..

3.19 update is full of issues and gonna be honest kinda game breaking issues and as someone who is here for ages i can tell you that there never been a worse update than 3.19... and i dont even mind archnemesis.. once you have decent build they all die instantly anyway..

but.. here is list of issues that completely ruin fun in game right now.

1: loot explosion, this is big issue because 1 : its awful to find 20-30 fractured items that you need to pick up and check from 1 mob sometimes 3 times in map. its awful to have rain of flasks .. and generally the whole convert and tons of the same look is just awful game experience and annoying to point where i dont pick anything other than currency anymore.. and second reason.. is its just being abused by magic find and group play to hunt currency AN and get tons of divines.

2: price fixing on trade.. this is not new but its getting worse .. have you GGG tried to buy chaoses for divines? or scarbs? or buy memories ? especially ehinar? you need to spam 99999999999999 people and first 200 people gonna be price fixing with no intention to sell.. honestly idk why you dont ban people for price fixing cause its abuse and ruining the experience of others.. you refuse to make AH which i understand why but at the same time you make 0 actions to improve trade and kick out the people who make the trade experience worse.

3: group vs solo.. yes do i need to explain? solo need avrage of like 3k maps to drop mageblood card or get like 1 divines every 50 maps while group play drop few mageblood cards each map and drop over 40-60 divines.. unacceptable that we players are being forced into group play... is it not enough that group is better and safer exp? is it not enough the advanrage of damage and survive from support but also loot?

4: magicfind.. right so if you are not playing in group with magicfind already your only alternative is to be magic find your self. especially with loot explosion. this is out of control and at point where magic find is bad for economy and its bad becuse just like group players its forcing players to go that way if they want any loot at all..

5: meta have never been more boring.. if you want to feel close to decent while mapping you need the exact same defense layers everyone using.. if you dont run grace + deter + banner + max resist + immune to all ailments + immune to curse + tons of stuff you gonna feel bad .. result is everyone using almost the same build maybe and rarely due to balance issue they use different skill.

honestly i could continue the list for another 100 topics but ill end it here and say this..

the point of why i mention it all here is.. to tell you GGG .. while i love MTX and while i love the game .. why dont you.. for just 1 update.. drop the mtx work and focus on solving these game breaking issues for us for 3.20 dont waste man power and effort on more mtx instead of fixing crucial issues.. if im honest this might benefit you aswell because annoyed players donate less and when barely anyone still playing right now.. far less people gonna actually buy that new mtx you made.. personally im skipping because im not super happy with the state of game. and before i know these issues being fixed for 3.20 im not even sure ill play in 3.20,
exactly my aesthetic YEP. now only if they werent $30 each :'(
what skill is that witch using at 15 seconds?
mmmmm celestial goodness
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alchemist mark effect on enemies is so colorful and cool
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