[3.22] Devon's Frostblink Elementalist - The Hotstepper | Build of the Week! | 9M+ DoT DPS

King_Haart wrote:
One more question, how do you have Frostblink with a <1s cooldown? PoB doesn't show it coming from any piece of gear or from the tree as far as I can tell?

Even if I toggle off the enemy being a boss it's still 1.25s which seems shorter than I can account for.
Tree has movement cdr at the very bottom.
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I just dropped a Divine Orb rescuing Bannon in Act 10 (earliest I've ever got one by a long shot), any tips on what would be highest priority to upgrade? I already have Pyre and Bronn's but not much else.
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Any thoughts on reservation alternatives?

e.g. via cluster jewels or an amulet like this which will boost our DPS as well?

Also thinking about whether we can find an alternative to Purity of Elements, as there's ailment resistance + health nearby on the tree, and with our high suppression Ancestral Vision would put us close enough that we can get the rest on gear?
Did this build from league start all the way to 40/40.

Overall good build. I went for the 2H route over dual wep due to fractured item not appearing often at day 2 of league start. Would be even more DPS if i went DW method.

Getting Level 30 Frostblink is pretty important as that allow u to 1 shot clear rares even on T16 Deli map to make it a smoother experience. The new Replica Dragonfang with Empower on Broon's allow u to achieve to 29 and add the new Tatto get you to 30. It makes a very big differences.

You can allocate Skill Cost 30% life instead of mana at life mastery to drop Lifetap for Empower.

May do this build again next league. Thanks again
This build seems pretty nice, great job!

Any ideas about viability of farming guardian maps alongside with essences and harvests?

I mean it seems like there is definitely enough damage but not sure about overall feelings. By any chance have anyone tried strategies like this with this build?
Inst_ql wrote:
This build seems pretty nice, great job!

Any ideas about viability of farming guardian maps alongside with essences and harvests?

I mean it seems like there is definitely enough damage but not sure about overall feelings. By any chance have anyone tried strategies like this with this build?

Harvest, Blight, Ritual would all be decent. I did not like expedition because between Fire and avoid elemental ailments, it was just annoying having to pay too much attention to which remnants I blew up.

Destructive Play boss rushing could be pretty profitable with this build too. I think I started Essence last league when I did this build and didn't like it.
Build feels a bit rippy for Essences given you sometimes get unpredictable mods on the monsters. Damage is pretty great for most content so it's mostly about avoiding things that'll oneshot you (or DoT you).

Has anyone been able to drop Purity of Elements in favor of something like Determination to get PDR to a better place? Or fit in an Aegis or something? Replica Mistwall is probably BiS but wondering if anyone has tried an alternative, or maybe switching out the helm.

I'm also playing around with Eldritch Battery to drop Clarity and free up reservation nodes for other things. Added Lethal Pride with 2x ignite speed and 1x burning damage for an extra ~16% DPS plus making Strength requirements easy to meet.
Some more thoughts:

Given that Frigid Wake forbidden jewels are in the 30+ div range I've given up on Heatshiver in Favor of Eye of Malice which gives enough ES to switch to Eldritch Battery and drop Clarity - that frees up a ton of mana nodes. It's still possible to keep Vaal Clarity equipped for a Divine Blessing with Hatred of course.

I've also moved my curses to a Vortex with awakened Hextouch so I can apply them instantly rather than having to stand still to cast a brand; I still use that for Flame Surge for tougher fights.

Enduring Cry makes an OK backup life flask if you run out of charges. I have Steelskin on my move button and also using Shield Charge to save Frostblink while moving around.

What Tattoos are folks using? The Loyalty Tattoo of Ikiaho is quite nice for this build as she gives a bunch of travel skill cooldown which is great for both dodging and DPS.

Also, using Replica Dragonfang's Flight which is 25% of my DPS (+3 levels to Frostblink, all ele res, reservation efficiency and attributes + reduced attribute requirements for more tattoo options, surely this is BIS this league?)
Highly recommend a Green Nightmare for this build, you can easily fit 4-6 Arohongui Moonwarden tattoos in which will give 5% spell suppression each. That 30% extra suppression means I don't need it on a Watcher's eye and can actually go for less than 14% on my boots and gloves (still will want some, and need them to have EV for the EV suppression mastery). Plus you get 10% extra chaos damage, which is basically 10% more DPS, and 32-48% extra cold resist which is handy if you're dropping Purity of Elements like me.

This is also a fantastic build to stack the Journey Tattoo of the Body on, I have 3 for just a 4 point investment giving me 225 extra life (>500 after multipliers). For perspective, that's more than the Thick Skin set of 4 gives.

Since Frigid Wake jewels are running at about 20 div for a set, I'm running Eye of Malice and dropped the Glacial Cage and Freeze mastery in favor of pathing Breath of Rime, since my Lethal Pride gives me 10% faster ignites on that.

I also have a bunch of reduced damage from crit tattoos, which along with Wind Dancer and the extra life is helping reduce one-shots. Trying to see if I can fit in a bit more Chaos res, 47% still feels a bit low, and will probably try adding a Granite flask for a bit more phys protection (determination and steelskin help but only a little).
This is the second build I've done (regular) Uber Elder on, did it with zero deaths, though had one close call where I was down to zero health flask charges. The ignites run for long enough that you can mostly keep distance and they still just DoT down pretty quick.

Did die once to the Minotaur while getting the fragments, was a oneshot which isn't that surprising with 4.5k life and pretty low armour, the evasion/dodge/block layers can only do so much. Did all of this with Maven witnessing too, and also did the Twisted with 80% qual including reduced max resists. Moving around so much while still being able to pop in for damage, and not having to worry about staying still to aim is really great for survivability.

Also dropped an Orb of Dominance and a 3-mod Watcher's Eye (will sell unIDed) so quite happy with the whole affair!

Next up, the rest of the favorite map slots.

EDIT: Did Maven, with 1 portal remaining XD
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