We're currently working on a number of further improvements and wanted to give you an overview of what's coming.

We are planning to limit the number of Archnemesis mods that can spawn on certain rare monsters. For example, those that spawn additional monsters in boss fights and those that can't drop items.

We are monitoring the current situation where players feel forced to swap items or hire a magic find culler against specific four-mod Archnemesis monsters. We don't have an immediate solution for this but we are actively looking at it.

We're making some improvements to the Kalandra League, including a change that allows you to see which rooms have already been completed as well as making the Reflecting Mist more common.

We are planning to buff Tainted Currency.

We are aware of feedback around Harvest crafts but don't have any commentary on this yet.

We are aware of feedback around Minion survivability and are making it so that certain monster auras and debuffs, such as the Rejuvenating and Executioner mods, do not apply to minions.

We are also doing an audit of all league monster skills and endgame map boss skills to check that their damage against minions is appropriate. We will lower the damage they deal against minions where we find that it is too high.

We're making improvements to how Lightning Mirages from the Storm Strider modifier spawn by increasing their cooldown and making them spawn close to the player but not right on top, so that builds that hit multiple times in quick succession are not swarmed by Lightning Mirages.

We're reducing the terrain collision size of Spark and Lightning Strike projectiles, which fixes the issue where the projectiles aren't created when casting into a wall and in some Lake of Kalandra tiles.

We are also aware of the feedback around loot in Path of Exile overall and will continue to discuss and monitor this situation.

There are other changes coming which you can see in the upcoming patch notes. This does not signal the end of all changes to come, merely the areas we have decided on at time of writing. We will let you know as more things come down the pipeline. Thanks for your continued feedback.
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Sounds solid, hoping this marks a turning point back to where PoE was
Hopefully it'll be more tolerable 6+ essence monsters :c
Thank you for acknowledging the Harvest issue. It's great to know you hear the community even if there is not yet an official reply or plan yet.

Likewise w the other topics but Harvest in particular I think a lot of folks got the impression you were avoiding.
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badass dude

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