Mathil Build List v5.0

The Molten Strike Dex/Acc Jugg is A BEAST. I've never played anything remotely comparable in terms of speed, damage, and sustain.
What pantheon are you running on the nimis ethereal knives?? I might just be PoB-redacted but i cant find xD

edit: forgot to mention build
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Anyone playing "Arc Totem Energy Blade Inquis"?

How are you not getting one-shot by any chaos damage? Looking at the gear he doesn't have a lot of chaos resist. And playing low-life, life is not much higher than ~1500.

I'm sitting at 54% chaos resist atm. Any chaos dmg coming my way just deletes me. Any ideas what I'm missing?
Does anyone know why there is +3000 evasion rating in the JUGG POB from Crucible league?

I am trying this build but it is way squishier than I expected.
yoink :)
Where is the PoB for this Ice Spear Deadeye?

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