3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

did anyone really care about the droprate of uniques? when 90% of them are garbage? :/

do you even play your game? lol
i dont care
bring jewel implicits back

harvest still useless.
Still too low buff. You reduced drop chance by 90% global, give 33% buff and 25% to 0.1 - leads you to 0.133 and 0.125 lol
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You nerfed loot (rarity and quant) massively only to buff the nerfed values to trick your own customers. Empy had video evidence across multiple leagues showing almost a 90% reduction, so buffing this new value by 25% is meaningless, and if course you only buffed rarity, but quantity...
it's about 1/6th, maybe 1/7th of what needs to happen.
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Chris, just take the L and leave!
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