[3.19] The Best Clearing Speed in the Game! Lightning Arrow Deadeye as a League Starter!

Covidicus wrote:
Wolfgann wrote:
I start with this build and for my surprise was amazing.
Is a squish build, u gonna die alot, but the clear speed is very good.
kill all uber boses, excep maven and uber elder.
My investiment was somenthing like 10 dives some weeks ago, but today u can get a good gear with with 5~6 divs.

So, is a good choice if are looking for a build to clear maps fast and farm.

I'm having a hard time w/red maps. Damage is good but I feel like a wet paper cannon.

You killed uber bosses with the gear currently on your bilbo ranger character? You seem to be low on some resistance...

I can't get through anything above t11 maps, and that's skipping every encounter, and dashing everwhere to avoid rare boss one-shots...and our gear isn't that different, I don't think. edit: i also can't finish anything level 8 or higher on lake runs, there aren't enough places to run and I do about 10% damage per minute to the effigies who oneshot me from offscreen.

Can anyone look at my build and let me know what to do next?

I can probably get 3-4 div if I sell everything I own rn, been real unlucky this league w/div (only one after 600k kills), i play solo, don't VM or party, etc...

Likewise here, on red maps any beefy AN or boss pretty much chew my face - feels like even the damage is not there > it does clear normal mobs fast
why use Elemental Damage with Attacks ?
it says for me that it doesnt support Lightning Arrow
Have to ask, on your belt you have

Lightning resist
Chaos resist

How is 4 suffixes possible on a leather belt?
was just wondering..do you cast tornado and hydrosphere manually?since in the endgame setup you use the black crest helm!
What would you say is the entry level investment needed for this build, and average dps?
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I dont get, how are you suppose to survive? Despite having very high DPS I'm getting one shot, especially by bosses. (((
Asenath's Chant is no longer available to purchase on POE website and poe.trade website. Is there another helmet you can recommend?
Asenath's mark is a solid option for selfcast tornado and hydrosphere.
Any word on viability of this build for 3.2
Hi Motoheedy - With the recent changes to onslught, what would you then do for 3.21 if you should play this build?

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