Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

As someone that is still pretty bad at this game. Just looks like a pretty generic nerf to everything and it looks like im going to struggle more next league than i did this one
I dont like the reservations changes but i adapt to them.
But if you keep doing things like this you lose more and more people because you make casuals quit because their builds will stop working.
dopusy wrote:

everyone is crying here again. Play another game :D :D :D

Searching for new game... :D
Will these items drop where they're needed? In act 1-3.

Bone ring
Bone, Ivory and Fossilised Spirit Shields
Calling Wand and Convening Wand (never mind, they start to drop in act 2,5-3)

How will spectres get to level 25 for one additional specter with the removal of +2 gems?
if there will be no buffs, then why play this at all
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Haven't played minion builds in a while, but the minion related changes was the most interesting to read about.
This is disgusting, after spending mirs on my characters and leagues piecing them together to become ultimate fighters and mappers. You destroy the items that I use, while leaving the ones I don't use as legacy? again... this is the 3rd time in a row you have done this and its absolutely ridiculous. You all don't know how to make a game let alone balance it. you should be ashamed of yourselves that you purposefully screw so many people out of their time and effort. You will be losing more players than you anticipated after this patch, and it is entirely your fault. Also, none of the items I used took advantage of any "cheesy" or inappropriate mechanics, however, your nerfs to them will make my builds not preform even at a rate that's usable anymore. How is that fair in any way? these nerfs are unfounded and uncalled for. This is not ok GGG, you are a bad game developer just taking advantage of people.
As a minion enjoyer, I love you guys!
What are these RMR changes? Is it not too much?

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