Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Livestream Twitch Drops

Yeah, pets that loot currency...
As always thank you, for reading my thoughts, and for your time. Be well Exiles.
Wings I don't have, for sure will afk watch.
TheSaintRebel wrote:
In my opinion, a better reward would be pets.

Awesome! Thanks.

(and pay no attention to the people complaining about free things)
I got to be in bed at that time! 😭
We're bored of wings.

How about a giant Golden Codpiece next time?
nice wings
Nice and lazy, as expected for the past 4 leagues! Guess Ritual was the peak.
Riverwind77 wrote:
AGAIN??? lazy rewards for expansion reveal is a good omen for whats coming up

what? lol That makes no sense.

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