Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Livestream Twitch Drops

Hello, my name is Brazen Jack Shameless, and I just wanted to share my completely entitled expectations on time this time!

Parob86 wrote:
Suggestion for next league introduction:

Chris is playing live a red map (alch and go) & delve 200 & heist 80 contract

No words needed and we all can see if the balance is right and the game fun

... so totally SCNR - not sorry.
"Boah, is echt lächerlich, wie schnell das hier lädt, wenn nich irgendwelche Penner mit MTX hier rumhängen."

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jaka1988 wrote:
Amids all the negativity,
i just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the employees at GGG.
You are appreciated and we are THANKFUL.
Have a great day and release of the expansion.

I second this.
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Did you guys received the wings?
So far I did't see on my twitch
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Nop, i havent, and i have the wings on the twitch inventory
I tried to connect my account but didn't find a connection with other button.
I have been watching Steelmage for 1.5 hours and there is no drop progress showing.
I have checked other channels as well.
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Hi there, Exiles! If you are experiencing any issues after you have claimed your drop in your Twitch Drops Inventory, could you please try disconnecting your Path of Exile account from your Twitch account and then try linking it again? You can do so here:

​You may need to disconnect your Path of Exile account from Twitch first in your account settings on the website.

If you continue to experience any issues after claiming your drop, can you please contact us at so we can look into this further for you?
Need help? Contact Support :)
It's cool
i just came home today and its not available anymore.. missed the last one too, why is this only for 9 hours? i thought there will be drops available on league start

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