3.18.1c Hotfix 2

Wow fast loading is back.
Ways better than before!!! Thank you for the fast reacting on our rant! :)
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Thank you so much! all back to normal

My CPU loves you again!
Can we get this on Xbox ASAP please?
xX999Xx wrote:
Especially asset loading was BUGed (Delve Map was the worst offender, I had to zoom in and out a couple of times until it was readable where the pathways go)

glad to see that others had the same issue i had
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
Can you please patch the PlayStation too? Load times are really frustrating and making the game unplayable.
We have a huge problem with Patch 3.18.1c on Xbox. I 0ly on series x and i have 1 gig internet, but my load screen was never so bad, 8 played poe on Xbox one with 0.2gig internen and my load screen was better as in path 3.18.1c. And I can't fix it with restart. Please ggg fix it please.
Wow I didn't think you guys would ever do a revert like this. Thank you for being real dudes, and not just forcing these changes on us. I'm sure this will not be the end of your fixes for Graphics going forward, but this gives me hope that whatever you do, you won't just force it on us. I really appreciate your decision here, and it helps my sanity to know you're paying attention.

The only thing I ask is a little more transparency. I still have no idea why you did this, what you were hoping to fix with this patch, what went wrong, and why it only seemed to affect certain computers. I want a computer that runs this game good, but I have no idea how to get it. I mean I bought a computer earlier this year and my performance has gotten worse in the last 2 years, not better. That boggles my brain.

And when I say transparency, I mean here, on your official forums, not on some other website where you seem to post more actual information.
this league has been pretty bad in terms of performance for me. My laptop is not great but it could still play last 2-3 leagues for half a day in one session, now 1 hour max and starting to die after 4-5 maps.

3.18.1c made the game unplayable and the hotfix doesn't seem to have fixed anything.
I'll try again later but maybe it's just not meant to be lol

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