3.18.1c Hotfix 2

OMG TNX back to normal i can lay now
When will you revert the patch for console players? We're still waiting...
For some reason, this revert flattened the hell out of my frame time:


It was a mess of spikes even prior to 3.18.1c Hotfix 1...

EDIT: Those spikes only happened when "Engine Multithreading" was enabled
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Any fix for console players?
Thank you!
I guess I can finally play the game again while my new CPU is being shipped to me.

As much as I hated the patch as it rendered the game unplayable on my very low end machine, I'll miss not having problems with VRAM though.
I am all in for polishing and optimization of PoE.

Sadly I also had big issues with the latest Patch.

I play on 5950x 32 gb Gskil Trident Ram Samsung M2 SSD and a 6900xt (all in all a pretty solid gaming Rig)

I am glad that this patch has been reverted, because it had seriouse issues.

Especially asset loading was BUGed (Delve Map was the worst offender, I had to zoom in and out a couple of times until it was readable where the pathways go)

thanks for fixing loading
fk archnemesis.
Thanks!!! 10-15-20 max FPS are back!!! And of course Fast Loading!!! Hooray!!! Thanks!!!
I can keep doing the Challenges! )

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