[3.23 Work in Progress] f1rstborn's Shockwave Totem Inquisitor | Sanctum God farmer. | WIP

tak_tics wrote:
What exactly are we running steelskin for and how are you using it? Obviously dmg mitigation but with just a 1.5 sec duration i never find myself using it.

Fills a slot, provides occassional mitigation and takes no extra brain power on our part to use.
BabyTempest wrote:
What would be best for no hit sanctums for beginners totem shockwave or hexblast mines?

no-hit and beginner problem shouldn't be used in the same sentence to be honest. Understanding sanctum in general is the most important part of a no-hit run. After that anything with more than 100M DPS and range can accomplish the task. Hexblast, SRS, Shockwave Totem, Icespear Totem etc.
Murphman1983 wrote:
I'm curious about TOTA, and how this build could be altered (if at all) to adapt to that style of play.

For example, it doesn't seem like we freeze or even chill enemies in TOTA very often. So is it really necessary to convert 100% to cold damage?

Here's one question I'm stuck on:

Is there a better helmet option for TOTA play?

TOTA mobs have a action speed floor. So while chill effect can be 30% and they can be "frozen" they do not stop moving. That said, this still ensures heatshiver gives all the extra damage that it claims (similar to pinnacle bossing). I have seen some people go ZHP shockwave totem at 1000+ rank. But I have not as I had the Absolute worst luck in this mechanic and starting skipping it after ~400
What are major differences between this and a Hiero build?

I've played both for a bunch of Sanctum runs now and, while Inquis seems to have a much, much higher DPS ceiling, it also seems less frontloaded?

If I compare my Hiero and my Inquis builds, with same gear investment, the Inquis has over twice as much DPS at high-end according to PoB, but the Hiero still manages to kill stuff like Lycia faster just because the DPS is immediate. I think stuff like Glacial Cage + the Mastery kinda skew PoB dps since you don't want to be spending so long on these fights in the first place, or am I missing something here?
tried this build and feels nice wondering if there's a way to make it a bit tankier for mapping and as a boss killer
for the cluster jewels, why master the fundamentals?
If we don't have the jewels to allocate Pursuit of Faith, should we still run inquisitor with 1 less totem? Or play as heirophant?
How would this build perform at about 75 div investment? Got a house of mirrors while farming tota and keen to make a sanctum farmer.
Hi guys,
Are 30 div enough to run sanctums "comfortably"?
I have another character, I need one specialized in sanctums.
Exact same question as above: followed this guide, works great but super squishy for mapping.

What are some changes to make it a bit more tanky for mapping?


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